Caring for Your Artwork


Your artwork is valuable and can be enjoyed for many generations by taking few precautions to protect the piece from environmental factors:

  • Keep the artwork away from direct sunlight. UV rays can diminish colors quickly, and this cannot be restored. 
  • Avoid placing the artwork near heat sources - this includes fireplaces, space heaters, etc. 
  • If your artwork is framed by a 3rd party, request that all of the materials used are "acid-free" including tape. All of our artwork is mounted on acid-free board and sealed with a finishing spray to preserve the colors and paper quality.
  • When storing, wrap the art in paper or cardboard. Do not use plastic as it can trap moisture that breeds mold. Find an area with low in humidity to archive. 
  • Do not place heavy objects on the piece. This can break the frame or tear the art. 
  • Clean the frame with a feather duster or soft cloth. Do not use household cleaners as these can strip away the frame finish and/or seep into the frame then compromise the art. 
  • Yearly, inspect the frame and artwork for damage such as cracks, warping, or peeling. If an issue is found, contact a framing or preservation expert to examine the piece. Do not attempt to fix this on your own.